My Top 3 lesser-known favourites

A recent tweet poll by new twitterer Linda asked users to name their top 3 Web 2.0 applications. Sue Waters has expanded Linda’s initial question into an informative Edublogger blog post: Using Your twitter network for help…

I am currently making use of a lot of the more well known Web 2.0 tools: iGoogle and the rest of the Google suite have simplified the way I work online; flickr, VoiceThread, SlideShare, etc all allow me to access and share resources with fellow educators; and twitter, ning and another nameless social site (beginning with a ‘d’ and ending with an ‘o’ – ask Sue about this) have given me an entry point to a community of like-minded colleagues.

Of course edublogs is one of my favourites too.

But this post is really about some of the lesser-known but really useful tools I have used in the classroom.

Search Crystal

searchcrystal.jpg I’ve blogged about Search Crystal previously (on our brand new CMIS Technology Focus blog) and am repeating it here because it’s great.Check out the tour Create an acount for free, explore and learn a new way of searching.

Kayuda Mind Maps

kayuda.jpg My Year 11 VET English class used this to create collaborative mind maps and collect information from the web for assignments.Here’s the Try it Now SandboxI don’t know how this one has been missed by so many people – it’s worth waiting for the hampster to be bootstrapped!


kerpoof.jpg Great fun for everyone. No explanations needed. Create an account and get started – your class will love it.

I’m stopping here so you can go and explore – like Sue I will be featuring more of my favourites. Please share some of yours.

One thought on “My Top 3 lesser-known favourites

  1. Hi Jean

    Thanks for telling us about some lesser known but favourite tools you like and asking your readers to let us know about theirs. I will definitely check them out and let others know about them. Looks like I will be writing a series of posts — which is good to cover all the different ones.

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