If one blog is good, is two better?

All blogs take a time to maintain and having two to work on is sometimes too much… but today I really appreciate having access to more than one blog – it means I can test stuff and make sure it works before I muck up the (semi) official work blog. It has taken a long time to get the approprite permissions to trial blogging at work so I am keen to make sure that all goes smoothly there. I am also pleased that edublogs has decided to allow embedding of javascripts – it will make including all sorts of multimedia possible. So here is my first attempt to embed the World Vision Flash file I want to feature on the CMIS Technology Focus blog.


© Copyright World Vision Australia ABN 28 004 779 081. All rights reserved. Used with permission.
To replay the animation refresh your browser page.

Note added 1/5/08: Having read Sue Waters instructions about embedding flash (Thanks Sue) I now know that I MUST embed the code and then immediately publish. This won’t be possible at work as I have to get all draft posts approved before publishing. A work around is to insert a one cell table and embed the code into the table cell. This stops the embed code breaking the blog layout when you save the draft post.

Note added 13/5/08: I have replaced the swf file with an image that links to the originating website. I am happier about this for copyright reasons… and also because it stops the autoplay function that I couldn’t get rid off 😉

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